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Peaceful Dog Leadership provides training and in-home boarding services focused on uniting owner and dog through trust, respect, and love. Peaceful Dog Leadership training is customized to meet the needs of each individual owner and their dog or dogs in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Jackie is your personal Dog Behavior Coach, and her goal is to strengthen communication between owners and their dogs to establish a peaceful and balanced pack based on a strong foundation of leadership skills and mutual understanding.



You can expect, after completing the first Structured Training session, that the issues you are currently experiencing with your dog will be minimized — whether pulling on the leash, ignoring your command to come, barking or jumping at the front door when guests arrive, reacting to neighbor dogs in the backyard or peeing in the house. Jackie will assess your dog’s behavior, teach you how to understand what your dog is communicating, demonstrate how to solve the problem, and then work with you until you are confident and able to take appropriate action on your own.

When you know what to look for and how to respond as a leader with your dog, you will not only have a companion that responds quickly and consistently to your commands, but you will both experience a more peaceful and balanced life together.

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In-home boarding with Peaceful Dog Leadership is also a training opportunity. Dogs are supervised at all times in a pack training environment where Jackie’s German Shepherds demonstrate responding to training commands. Although dogs who are boarding each have their own “safe space” crates in the heart of the family’s living space, they also spend time, just as they would at home, freely moving around the house, interacting with the other dogs and humans. Boarding dogs also enjoy supervised play time in the yard and plenty of potty breaks.

Because boarding is also a training environment in a family home, the number of dogs boarding at one time is limited to five, and holidays are reserved for frequent boarders. Before being accepted for home boarding, dogs must have completed a training consultation and be cleared for boarding.

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