Announcement: Peaceful Dog Leadership is considering an expansion! We are looking carefully at how to best balance our space with the needs of individual dogs who board with us for personal, one-on-one attention. While we investigate options, we will not be accepting new boarding clients through mid-February. Training, consultations, and overnight stays will continue to be offered.

In-home boarding with Peaceful Dog Leadership is a training opportunity for your dog that provides care for your dog in a balanced and structure home setting.


Before becoming a Peaceful Dog Leadership boarder, a meet and greet on the premises is required to assess your dog or pack, and to give you an opportunity to evaluate whether in-home boarding with Peaceful Dog Leadership is a good fit for your dog. 

In-home Boarding does not require your dog to be dog friendly, but to assure everyone’s safety, all potential boarders are assessed as pack members and cleared before boarding. 

You will have an opportunity to see where your dog will sleep and play, meet the resident dogs, and observe Jackie’s interaction with your dog or pack.  Please bring your dogs to the Meet and Greet on short (rather than retractable) leashes.

The Details

Cost: $35, cash or check, at the beginning of the Meet and Greet. This amount will be discounted from the cost of your first stay.

Time: A 30-minute to one-hour session, scheduled in advance, usually by appointment on the weekend or after 4:30 weekdays. 



Once your dog or pack is cleared to board, please reserve your dates as early as possible. Because boarding is also a training environment in a family home, the number of dogs boarding at one time is limited to five, and holidays are reserved for frequent boarders.

You can expect that your dog will feel safe and loved in a calm, peaceful pack environment. Jackie, as pack leader, will set rules, limitations and boundaries — not just with your dog, but with the whole pack of other boarders and Jackie's resident dogs. Your dog will receive walks, socialization and group time with the pack, mental activities, relaxation and nap time — all within a family home environment. 

All dogs are kenneled overnight. You may bring a familiar sleeping blanket or sheet for the kennel, or one will be provided. Please bring a sufficient amount of food and medications along with a list detailing how much and when to feed or medicate. Vet contact information is also required.

The Details

Cost: $50 per night, $25 per night for each additional dog, cash or check due at pick-up. The $35 Meet and Greet Consultation fee will be deducted from the cost of your first stay.



When the schedule permits, in your home overnight stays are available for special need dogs, homes with cats or other animals, or to preserve your pet’s stability in their most comfortable environment while maintaining a familiar routine. Overnight pet sitting services also assure the safety of your home while you are away.

The Details

Cost: $75 per night, $25 per night for each additional animal, cash or check, due at the end of the stay. Daily walks or check-ins can be scheduled for an additional fee on a case-by-case basis.