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The first step in training is a private consultation and initial training lesson in your home. During your highly individualized consultation, Jackie will assess your situation and your dog’s needs, while addressing your most pressing concern about your dog’s behavior. You can expect to learn new ways to communicate with your dog, and you will better understand how your dog communicates with you. 


The consultation serves as a roadmap for designing the right individualized one-on-one basic training for you and your pack. 


The Details

Cost: The consultation is free if you decide to sign-up for training afterwards. If you decide not to continue training, $75 cash or Venmo is due at conclusion of the consultation. 

Time expectations: An hour session, scheduled in advance. 



Structured Training is a private, highly individualized, three-session training over a six week period that takes place primarily in your home and yard. You will learn how to set up rules, maintain boundaries, and create limitations. More importantly, Jackie will show you how to create a calm and peaceful environment within your pack, whether it's just a pack of two — you and your dog — or a pack of multiple dogs and the whole family. At the conclusion of training, by applying your leadership skills in your daily life with your dog, you can expect your balanced dog or dogs to be patient, calm, and relaxed — no matter what!


During your training sessions, your dog will learn commands such as come, sit, down, stay, and heel. You will do long leash training, structured walking and kennel training as they apply to your situation. Jackie will demonstrate how to address your issues with your dog, and then work with you until you are confident and able to take appropriate action on your own.

The Details

Cost: $450, cash or Venmo, with $225 due the end of the consultation and the remainder due at the end of the second session.

Time expectations: Three 60 to 90 minute sessions, scheduled in advance. A minimum of 10 minutes per day practicing “homework” with your dog between sessions. 



After completing Structured Training, additional personalized one-on-one training is available to target specific behaviors, meet new goals, or prepare for life changes. This training is designed to meet your targeted needs or address specific behavior problems.

The Details

Cost: $150 per 60 to 90 minute session, cash or Venmo at conclusion of each training session.

Time: TBA

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